Standard Rental Policies

This is a general overview of our rental policies.  You will sign a lease addendum with the full list of policies.

In addition to your lease agreement, we have some standard rental policies you are expected to understand and agree to:

  • We require all tenant’s to carry renters insurance and furnish us with proof of insurance.  This protects your personal property.  Click here for more info about renter’s insurance.
  • If pets are not permitted in your unit and you are found to have a pet or pets, this will violate the terms of your agreement.
  • If you plan to grow medical marijuana on the premises, you are subject to all state and local laws.  You must furnish us a copy of your liability insurance within 48 hours of operation.  Failure to do so will result in immediate lease termination.
  • Tenants and guests of units are prohibited from discharging any firearms on the premises except in self-defense.
  • It is the tenant’s responsibility to replace light bulbs within your unit, as well as any exterior bulbs that burn out during your tenancy.
  •  You are responsible for any clogged drains that you cause.  Please check with us on appropriate ways to clear drains, as some of our units are on septic systems.
  •  If we need to replace a missing smoke detector the charge will be $50, payment due within 14 days.  You are responsible for keeping batteries in your detectors and ensuring they are working during your tenancy.
  •  No flushing of anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet- especially no flushable wipes.  No paper towels and no tampons if your property is on septic.  Service calls for clogs or problems with pipes or systems that are found to have been the result of misuse will be charged to the tenant.
  •  If the terms of your lease include snow removal or yard maintenance, failure to do so will result in a rent increase of $150/per month effective in the month in which the work did not occur.
  • You agree to notify us in the event that there is an issue with your unit that affects livability.  This includes sewer or septic back-ups, problems with heating or air conditioning systems, physical damage to the property, appliance problems.  It is important to understand that we expect your contact us for reasonable items, and not misuse this form of communication.  Use your judgement:  we value your time and privacy and expect the same from our tenants.

Questions?  Please ask!

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